Being Green :

Corrugated, made from a natural renewable resources, has a great environmental record. Corrugated are frequently manufactured using high percentages of secondary fiber (including old corrugated containers, kraftpaper, old newspapers and even straw) thereby diverting these materials from the municipal solid waste stream.

Almost 70% of corrugated material is recovered and recycled. Even in 2012, 91% of all container board produced was recovered and recycled in the U.S. Corrugated has the best recycling rate of any packaging material used today and that’s what happens after the corrugated box has been used and reused time and time again to store and move items around the home, store and office.

In addition, the use of corrugated constructions with high-performance linerboard has led to significant overall reduction in basis weight and a significant source reduction of raw materials.

Water-based inks are now used almost exclusively for printing graphics on corrugated containers, avoiding the use of lead-based inks and solvents which pollute the air and the water used to wash down printing equipments between color changes.

Being Green
Environmental Sustainability : A Mission that sustains the Planet :

A Proven Sustainability Program :

Our company has been committed to the following Green Transformation initiatives, all of which have been implemented

  • Conservation of energy and water
  • New energy efficient white roof coating to best manages building temperature
  • Energy efficient Lighting
  • Fuel and vehicle usage reduction
  • Environmental management system
  • Fiber content reduction
  • Office recycling

    We are committed to producing the high-quality products you need, using environmentally responsible techniques

  • We continually develop methods to reduce any negative impact our business might have on the community around us These guidelines shape our actions every day,
  • We comply with federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations
  • We operate in an environmentally-responsible manner
  • We promote ecological awareness among our employees
  • We work to ensure that our suppliers comply with environmental regulations
  • We communicate our conservational policies, practices and impact to employees, customers, suppliers, visitors, and the community
  • We promote continual improvement in our environmental performance
  • We apply the “Three R’s” of Eco Friendly Sustainable Packaging ( Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle ) to all our processes